Vankaya-Pachadi Recipe

Ingredients: –

Red chilies : – 8-9 whole chilies

Green chilies: – 5-6 chopped chilies

Salt   : – As per taste

Balls of tamarind : – 6-7 small balls

Mustard seeds : – 1 tea spoon

Coriander seeds: – 3 tea spoon

Tomatoes: – 2 chopped tomatoes

Eggplants : – 2 chopped eggplants

Cumin seeds: – 1 tea spoon

Fenugreek seeds: – ½ tea spoon

Oil: – 2 tea spoon

Garlic : – 4 cloves

Curry leaves: – 15-20 leaves

Method of preparation: –

  1. Initially take water into the glass and deep the tamarind balls into it.
  2. Take a pan hit the oil and add he coriander seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds. Also add the red chilies (whole). Keep this mixture on a head alone for 1 minute.
  3. Take a mixer pot and grind the above mixture into a powder very well.
  4. In the same pan of oil add the green chilies (chopped), tomatoes and the eggplants and fry it properly. Grind this mixture properly as well.
  5. Mix the paste with the powder make in 3rd step.
  6. Now take water and the tamarind balls in it. Riddle it and remove all the seeds to make it proper smooth pulp.
  7. Mix this tamarind pulp into the mixture of step 5.
  8. After this again hit some oil into the pan and put the garlic, mustard seeds and curries leaves and keeps it spluttering for some time.
  9. Add this fry to the mixture of step 5. Now your chatney is ready.

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