Kajjikayal Receipe


Butter (Ghee): – 4 tea spoon

Water: – 2-4 cups

Sooji  : – 100 gms

Sugar: – 80-100 gms

Maida (flour) : – ½ Kg

Cardamom powder: – 1 tea spoon

Cashews: – 15 (chopped)

Almond: – 6-7 (chopped)

Oil: – 5-6 tea spoon for frying the pooris

Coconut: – 50 gms

Method of preparation:

  1. Take oil into the hand and then properly rub the maida into your hand.
  2. Take a plate, take a flour of maida and also add the water into it. Make a bread of it without making it too soft.
  3. Take a pan and add some ghee into it. Keep it on a flame and add the coconut into it. Fry the coconut until it becomes slight pink color.
  4. Now took the coconut away and then add sooji into and roast it in the same container.
  5. Make a powder of sugar mix cardamom powder, sooji and coconut into it. Mix it properly. Also mix the almond and cashews in it.
  6. Now make the small circle shape pooris of the dough/bread.
  7. Properly fold the pooris to make a shape of half moon and tranquil it properly.
  8. Fry these pooris and server it hot.

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