Aratikaaya Masala Pulusu Recipe


2 Tomatoes Chopped
2 Green Chillis chopped
1/4 tablespoon Turmeric
2 Cardamons
Salt to taste
1 Raw Banana
1 Cup Coconut paste
2 tablespoon Ginger Garlic paste
1 tablespoon Coriander powder
1 Onion Chopped
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Curry leaves
2 Cloves
Cinnamon stick

How to make Aratikaaya Masala Pulusu

  • Cut Banana in to slices.
  • Add Salt,Turmeric to Banana slices and deep fry in oil.
  • Heat 4 tbsp of oil over medium heat.
  • Put Cloves,Cinnamon,Green Chillis,Curry leaves,Onions,Salt fry until Onions turn Golden Brown color.
  • Put Ginger Garlic paste fry until turn Golden Brown color.
  • Put Coconut paste fry until turn Golden Brown color.
  • Put Tomatoes,Red chilli powder,Turmeric,Coriander powder,Cardamons fry until no lumps,Consistency should be thick.
  • Put fried Banana pieces fry it for 10 min.
  • If you want gravy we can add some water.
  • Garnish with Coriander leaves,Mint leaves.

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