Anaraser Chatni receipe

September 9, 2011

Ingredients: –

Pineapple: – ¼ kg

Bay leaves: – 2 no

Raisins: – ½ tea spoon

Sugar and salt: – as per taste

Chopped Ginger: – 1 inch

Mustard seeds: – 1/8 tea spoon

Oil : – 1tea spoon

Method of preparation: –

1)    Clean the pineapple and cut them into pieces

2)    Heat up oil in kadhai, put the mustard seeds in oil

3)    When it crackled mix it in pineapple.

4)    Stir fry it for few minutes and put salt as per taste.

5)    Put 1 cup water and sugar, bay leaves and raisins or chopped ginger

6)    Boil it slowly till the chatni becomes thick.

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